How much data can you lose?

If you manage data for a business, the biggest risk you should always consider is how much of this data am I going to lose if a disaster strikes? Your manager is always going to want to have 0 data loss, that everything saved is kept no matter how big the disaster. However, they are... Continue Reading →

Types of SQL Backups

SQL Server has 3 different types of built-in backups: Full, Differential and Log. When working out how you're going to backup your database, you need to understand what the 3 different types are intended for, so you can work out what you need to do. Full A full backup is the simplest type to understand... Continue Reading →

Why Backup SQL Server?

I'm going to start a new series on backing up SQL Server. This was inspired by @Kendra_Little in one of her Dear SQL DBA podcasts In this series I want to work through why we need backups, how to do backups, and the different types of backups that you could do and why you would... Continue Reading →

Cleanup Backup History

While looking at long running queries today I noticed that one of our worst performing queries was a monitoring tool that checked when the last backup ran. SELECT database_name = DB_NAME(DB_ID([database_name])) ,         type = [type] ,         backup_start_date = MAX([backup_start_date]) ,         backup_finish_date = MAX([backup_finish_date]) FROM    msdb..backupset WHERE   DB_ID([database_name]) IS NOT NULL GROUP BY DB_NAME(DB_ID([database_name])) ,[type] I had... Continue Reading →

CDC Jobs missing after Database Restore

We use Change Data Capture (cdc) in our production environment on a few tables so we can do some asynchronous processing of data. Our developers have a pre-deployment environment which is a nightly restore of our nightly backups (this has an added bonus of testing our nightly backups). Usually the testers don't care about testing the CDC... Continue Reading →

Failing Mirror Backups

Failing Backups! Is there anything more worrying for a DBA? Recently we have been having multiple failures a week for our full and differential backups. We use Ola Hallengren's backup scripts, and unless you are using a 3rd party product, you should be using Ola's scripts as they are amazing and so simple to use. We... Continue Reading →

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