Blocked When Dropping Databases

We have a database that we refresh every night with data from our production system. This is so that we can do a final test with real data when required. The first step of the job kills all of the users connections, however one of the applications that our developers runs tries to reconnect again... Continue Reading →

Asking for Help

I always think it's a great idea to ask for help. When I was a kid, my parents taught me that it's always a good idea to ask for help - the worst that will happen is they'll say no. In IT there is too much to learn so I always think it's a great idea... Continue Reading →

Cleanup Backup History

While looking at long running queries today I noticed that one of our worst performing queries was a monitoring tool that checked when the last backup ran. SELECT database_name = DB_NAME(DB_ID([database_name])) ,         type = [type] ,         backup_start_date = MAX([backup_start_date]) ,         backup_finish_date = MAX([backup_finish_date]) FROM    msdb..backupset WHERE   DB_ID([database_name]) IS NOT NULL GROUP BY DB_NAME(DB_ID([database_name])) ,[type] I had... Continue Reading →

CDC Jobs missing after Database Restore

We use Change Data Capture (cdc) in our production environment on a few tables so we can do some asynchronous processing of data. Our developers have a pre-deployment environment which is a nightly restore of our nightly backups (this has an added bonus of testing our nightly backups). Usually the testers don't care about testing the CDC... Continue Reading →

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